Pigbase: Our unique breeding core

It is considered to be the biggest pig breeding database of its kind in the world. Pigbase is unique and the core of the Topigs Norsvin breeding program. Pigbase stores the information of 50 million pigs.

Pigbase not only contains phenotypic data gathered on nucleus farms. It  also contains a lot of data from commercial farms that work with the InGene in-house breeding program of Topigs Norsvin or the CCPS (Combined Crossbred and Purebred Selection) program. This makes it one of a kind. In addition, data from de CT scans at the Delta stations, AI stations, packers, and data from research projects are stored in and used in Pigbase. 

The Topigs Norsvin genotyping program has expanded rapidly in recent years. With the development of genomic selection and other DNA technologies, more data is becoming available and can be used in calculating breeding values, selection lists, and more. 

The vast amount of data and a properly working database are not the only things needed for a perfect breeding program. The quality of the data is important for creating genetic progress. Quality control is organized by a combination of having well-trained and knowledgeable people working inside the nucleus herds as well as clear protocols, both of which are supported by Pigbase. Pigbase contains automatic data quality checks by computer algorithms and reports to data specialists who can take action in the event of errors or issues.

Pigbase facts:

  • Data of 50 million pigs 
  • About 2.5 million pigs/year added
  • Almost 70 million CT scan images
  • DNA of 685,000 pigs genotyped
  • 100 terabyte storage
  • 3.2 billion breeding values calculated/day = 30,000 calculations/second


Download the Pigbase infographic (PDF)